Uniform gives everyone a sense of belonging, and contributes to that feeling of being part of the worldwide family of Scouts. Wearing a uniform is comfy and practical. It means no-one feels left out or uncomfortable, and also provides a handy place to sew your hard earned badges!

The most important items of uniform have been marked with a *. Other items, such as polo shirts, caps, blankets and other accessories are optional. Click the button to view the full range in the Scout Shops online store.

If you prefer to buy local, Crested Schoolwear is our nearest stockist. Don’t forget to check second hand sources too – ask your leader if there are any items that have been donated by previous members.  Facebook marketplace, eBay and charity shops are all great places to check!

  • Blue sweatshirt*
  • Blue t-shirt
  • Green sweatshirt*
  • Green polo shirt
  • Green shirt*